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 26479498.thlTeam building Midlands indoor events

Murder Mystery for groups between 6 - 200 has a wide range of appeal.

Spooks spy team building. Can be indoors or outdoors with a great mix of tasks we can even set puzzles before the day to whet the appetite of your team.

Ghost hunting. A spooky fun event. Can your team survive the haunted location?

Soap opera. Who is your Phil or Peggy. Who is your Ken or Michelle. Write perform and produce your own soap opera.



Radio broadcast. Run your own Radio station.

Tycoon build your empire in a day.

Dragon's lair.Can you produce and pitch the most outlandish product to our team of Dragon's?

Do you have an idea? no matter how crazy we can bring it to life for you.

Indoor team building can be a mix of cerebral and fun tasks. This allows for a wide range of participant factors to be taken into account.

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